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Gun Dog and Retriever Training.


Are You Looking For Help Training Your Puppy or Dog?

Located in Elkhart, IN, Windsong Kennels are experts in the training of dogs for Upland & Retriever work. We train your dog with a gentle positive reinforcement method, teaching them to obey commands, both at home and in the field.


For 30 years, John Faigh has worked with all kinds of hunting breeds, especially retrievers and pointing breeds. A 60 acre space, five minutes  drive from the Kennels, has been especially groomed for Upland training and has a small pond for retriever training. Your dog will enjoy their training whilst learning new skills one on one, and social behaviors with other dogs in training. 


"John Is The Dog Whisperer"

- Doug Ryback

Training A Dog For Hunting

Teaching Hold
Breeze Whoa
New Student Learning Woah
Pointing In the Field


A Top Facility For Training Your Hunting Dog 

John Faigh founded Windsong Dog Training in the 90's from his passion and love for dogs. The company moved from boarding to training of dogs over the years, and now Windsong Dog Training is known as one of the top facilities in the Mid West for training hunting dogs. 


We are located near Elkart, IN but clients also  bring their dogs from the Chicago, Toledo, Indianapolis suburbs.

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John has trained two hunting labs for me since 2004. The first dog accompanied me on many great hunting trips locally and in South Dakota. My second lab puppy, was trained by John from 6 months of age and the dog did a tremendous job on his first hunting trip. John is a great trainer of many breeds. When my current dog ages, I will not hesitate to take my next dog to Windsong for the comprehensive and caring hunt training that leads the field in our area.

Mark McDonnell

Founder, LaSalle Hospitality Group

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