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For training your dog, the average stay is based on two factors:

1.  The ability of the dog to comprehend the training method.

2. The extent of the customers training goals ie; fully finished for retrievers, Upland or specific obedience or behavioral issues. 


A fully trained retriever generally involves an average two months; the same for Upland training.

However, we work with our customers  to establish required training goals  and consider the customers's ability to commit time and money. So we can partially train a dog for a few weeks and have you continue the methods at home, and have the dog return for further training as required.


  • Two individual twenty minute training sessions a day for 6 days.

  • Several socializing and playground visits per day with the other dogs, based on weather.

  • Each training session is videoed and sent to the customer. This shows the progress and how your particular dog learns.

  • Feeding based on the customer's instructions

  • We welcome weekend visits to see in person how your dog is progressing and learning.

  • $390 per week including boarding, training and feeding ( we feed and recommend Purina Pro Plan Sport).

  • Limit of 4 dogs in training per month to ensure adequate individual training time.

Extras are a $25 one time charge for the gentle-leader plus a nominal charge for purchased birds for  the gun training.



All dogs are let out in the morning prior to feeding. 

Each kennel is then cleaned and water & food is distributed to each dog per their owners instruction. 

If a dog requires medication we administer it at this time.


  • The boarding dogs are then let out periodically during the day based on the weather. We keep the  small dogs with small dogs. Larger dogs are let out separately.

  • All dogs MUST be social or we don’t allow them at our facility. 


  • For the dogs in training we begin the day in the same way, followed by their lessons. The training schedule is based on the discipline I am training.  

  • For obedience training of the dogs, we typically  start in the large fenced-in yard.  We begin & end each training session with a game of fetch and retrieve.  This assists me in bonding with the dog and helps the dog to focus.  The dog is also learning to have fun and transfers to being a “ Happy Dog”  during and after training.

  • Each training session last about 20 minutes and I use the Gentle Leader exclusively in teaching obedience.  I teach 3- commands;  HERE, HEEL and SIT.   The WHOA command is also taught to pointing dogs.

  • If the owner has requested additional verbal commands, they will be incorporated at this time.  For example, in conjunction with the verbal commands, I can introduce CHAIN visual ( hand signal commands);  for field training dogs “Upland & Retrievers”,  I will chain the necessary whistle commands.

  • For dogs being field trained, the dogs will spend time both individually and as a group in the field learning to seek out birds, getting used to the gun noise and retrieval of the birds. These steps are done in sequence as per when the dog is deemed ready. See video below for example of retrieval training.

  • Down time for the dogs is spent in their individual runs and we play music inside the Kennel.  

Frequently Asked Questions

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