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Meet John

John has owned several hunting dogs himself that include English Setters, Pointers, Brittany’s  and Labradors. Mentored by his uncle at a young age and other local dog trainers,  John pursued having his dogs compete in the AKC Hunt test for retrievers and pointing breeds.  John and his wife Shirley began breeding Labs, Brittany’s and Shih Tzu.  John had a mounting desire to learn even more about Dog Behavior, so John took the opportunity to attend a Dog Behavior Seminar offered at Cornell University.  John challenged himself further by attending and reading more about Dog Behavior, as part of his never ending pursuit to understand how & why dogs learn.  He has owned a boarding and training kennel for more than 30 years with his wife. The primary focus of the kennel in recent years has become behavioral and field training of dogs.


You can trust John to train your dog with expertise, one-on-one care and dedication.

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My Love Story With Dogs

My love of dogs  started as a young teen spending time with my uncle who owned two English Setters ( Upland pointing breed).  My uncle would let me help him feed, run  and train the dogs.  I was totally in awe when I saw one of his Setters point a wild quail.  That was the turning  point for me.

I purchased my first setter at 17 and worked with my uncle to train her, whilst reading everything I could on the subject. A little later I bought a labrador and began competing my  lab in AKC Hunt Tests. I competed in not only retriever Hunt Test, but also AKC Hunt Test for pointing breeds.  My wife and I had also purchased a Brittany ( pointing breed). Competing in AKC hunt tests furthered my education in training with the ability to attend training  seminars with existing  professionals. Then I wanted to KNOW why dogs do the things they do and HOW they learn. That's when I signed up for the courses on dog behavior.

Even though my full time job was a police officer, my wife and I opened a 40 run boarding kennel, groomer and bred hunting dogs. Our customers asked us to train their puppies and I specialized in obedience training and the training for hunting.  We sold the bigger kennel and created this smaller kennel specifically for training dogs.  I look forward to meeting you and your dog.

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Let's chat about your dog, and your training goals for them.

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