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Effective recall training techniques

If you're struggling to get your puppy or dog to come when called, I have a straightforward and efficient method for training them. I start by involving them in a retrieval activity. Most puppies and dogs enjoy playing fetch, so you can throw their favorite toy or ball indoors or in a secure backyard to make it a fun experience. If they don't return the toy, the game stops, and your patience becomes crucial. To regain their focus, you can try clapping or calling out to them, then moving away. This will activate their instinct to chase, leading them back to you. When they return, show them affection as a reward for their good behavior. I avoid relying on food rewards because dogs can sense when you have treats. Remember, no treats, no movement. Therefore, let your love and affection serve as the reward for their positive response. I also introduce a specific word during fetch, using "HEY, HEY!" Once the dog reliably responds to this, I transition to using "HERE" in a friendly tone. By consistently practicing this activity, you will train your dog to come back promptly and happily when called.

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